Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 200 ~ Nothing Shall Extinguish The Flame

Tonight's heart was inspired by the unbelievable straight, courage, and optimism of the Occupiers of Wall Street. Zuccotti was suddenly, with no warning, violently evicted last night at 1am. After a very long night, a day waiting on the outcome of a battle in court, and a day of marching, the Occupiers were back in Zuccotti in time to hold the nightly General Assembly meeting. Despite ALL of their belongings stolen and trashed, the working groups were able to announce that the kitchen was reopened, though two blocks south of the park now, the Medical Team was stationed in the middle of the park and available to see patients,  and that anyone who needed a place to stay they had sleeping arrangements for 300 people for that night. Amazing.


  1. Damn right - burning brighter every day! Happy 200!

  2. People United in their desires for justice and equality
    CANNOT be dispersed and dismissed
    Fueled by HOPE, the consensus of their conscious community
    is embedded in LOVE and RESPECT for ALL
    Their FAITH and BELIEF in this cause is now stronger
    They have only begun for this generation and others to come!
    xo Nancy