Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 166 ~ Best post day EVER!

My new favorite long distant friend, and fellow heart art in crime, had her first geekheartsagiveaway! Well of course I was the first to write to get one of those cool scratch board hearts, and I knew it would be super fun to get something in the mail from Becky :)

Well, the package arrived this week and made my day! How cool to find in the mailbox an envelope from so far away, hand written, from a new friend. The first thought I had was, my next trip must be to go to London!! Becky included a scratch heart for Thomas too, how sweet is that?!... so here are our hearts for today, thank you Becky!!! 

If it isn't obvious, mine is the one on the left.


  1. I'm so impressed with your hearts, gorgeous flowers Pheebs! Can't believe how much time your Thomas invested in his too, how cute is he!?!

    I was excited about sending something in the mail, such a rare thing these days and I'm thinking I need to do it more often too.

    Hope these heart magnets cheer up the front of your fridge like they have my day xx

    p.s You know you guys are always welcome!

  2. One Heart ... One People ... One Planet ...
    Everything is POSSIBLE when offered in LOVE ...
    Happy for YOU both and your new friend in England!
    xo Nancy