Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 17 ~ "i carry your heart with me..."

I've enjoyed having specific challenges imposed upon how or where or with what I create my daily heart. The first time I set such a challenge it was location specific and the very next day the challenge was specific to the medium . So today I decided to set for the challenge of creating a heart using only what I could currently find in my office at work using the PC I have at work to upload the image (meaning I am without photoshop to assist in touching up the image or resizing it). Thankfully I have a scanner that gives me the option to select the image size otherwise you'd be stuck with a HUGE pdf.

A poem by e. e. cummings typed into the shape of a heart. The important parts have been highlighted with a highlighter pen.


  1. Wow so simple and effective! I love how my eyes sway from the highlighter markings. I can imagine a Phoebe series of heart poems now – with different colour highlighter pens, in wooden frames on white walls in a very cool European café somewhere – bravo! x

  2. That is a wonderful image, thank you, Becky! xo